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A Hilariously Green Trip across California with ‘The Farm’

Ever played the Tetris game, where you guide falling herbs into strategic spots? Well, The Farm is a seasoned player, the MVP in the Tetris of herbs – and by herbs, we mean the Mary Jane kind. Their Pot Store in Salinas, CA is a shop that stands proudly like a lighthouse, guiding cannabis enthusiasts to their utopian shores.

Cannabis Convenience – When ‘Near’ means ‘Here’

When you’re in Rio Vista and mumble “Marijuana near me”, don’t be surprised to see The Farm pop up in response. Like a magical genie, they provide Californians their gardening needs with minimal effort. And while they may not literally transport you to their Dispensary in Del Rey Oaks, they sure will give you something to float about.

Santa Cruz Staple and Concord’s Cream of the Crop

Ever tried to find a Cactus in the Sahara? Easy, right? That’s just how easy it is to locate The Farm’s stores in Santa Cruz and Concord. Offering top-notch services and products, they’re as much a part of the landscape as the epic shoreline and sprawling parks.

Kolaboration Ventures Corporation, an integral part of The Farm’s journey, has ensured The Farm’s legacy spreads to a wider audience. So next time you find yourself in or near Vallejo, don’t forget to experience the green side of California with The Farm.