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The Chronicles of ‘Codes’ Dispensary from Moberly, MO

Moberly, MO – a small town with a big heart, and home to the renowned Codes Dispensary. The slogan here is reportedly, “In Codes We Trust”, conveying locals’ affection for their beloved dispensary.

A Code-ed Lifestyle Indeed!

When it comes to quality, Codes Dispensary is ranked top not just in Moberly, but beyond Missouri too. Fans often jokingly complain that their standards are so high, it’s virtually impossible to shop anywhere else once you’ve been ‘Code-ed’!

Only in Moberly, MO!

In this jovial part of the world, locals say the best way to navigate Moberly, MO, is by tracing the unmistakable fragrance from Codes Dispensary. And don’t be surprised if the local tour guide points out their favorite spot with the mischievous twinkle, saying, “And that’s where the magic happens!”

In Codes We Trust

The popularity of Codes Dispensary isn’t just folklore. This humble town takes immense pride in providing quality and has woven it seamlessly into their daily lives, indeed making Codes Dispensary the town’s signature treasure.